Teachers and locations

Sydney Guitar Teachers

  1. Shannon Dunn – teaches guitar for beginners to intermediate students at Stanmore.
  2. Dennis Hionis – teaches guitar (beginners to intermediate students) and bass (beginners to advanced students) in Earlwood.
  3. Ellen Chan – teaches guitar (beginners to advanced students) in you own home around Canberra.
  4. Harry Gusman – teaches guitar and bass online via Skype for beginners to advance students (on the planet earth).

Some of the good reasons to learn from us:

Harry’s method of teaching is based on formal study as a music teacher, his over 20 years of experience as working musician and teaching people to play music. His method makes sense, is realistic and it works.

  1. He teaches students how to practice smart, rather than practice hard.
  2. He has been an active musician himself since 1991 and is still actively performing.
  3. He is a qualified teacher with more than 20 years teaching experience.
  4. His method is based on formal study as a music teacher, experience as a working musician and teaching people to play music (so not just research).
  5. He is a versatile musician and is able to play many styles of music.
  6. He makes learning music fun and teaches you to avoid making mistakes rather than learning from your mistakes.
  7. He will teach you to be able to play whatever you sing and sing whatever you play.
  8. He will teach you to learn songs quickly, in detail as well as improvising using your own creative ideas.
  9. He can link you with other students if you’re interested in jamming and forming bands.
  10. His method of teaching will give you a skill that can be applied to any kind of music you wish to play.
  11. We don’t only want to get paid, but we care about student’s progress and always do everything we can to help student to reach their dream.